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Scope of Meeting
This workshop will include the following topics:
  • General Reconnection Physics (Theoretical and Numerical Studies)
  • Magnetic Reconnections in Solar Plasmas (Solar Flares, CMEs, Solar Wind, Coronal Hearing, Hinode Observations, etc)
  • Magnetic Reconnections in Magnetosphere (Magnetotail, Magnetopause, Bow shocks, Substorms, etc)
  • Magnetic Reconnections in Astrophysical Systems (Accretion disks, Protostarts, AGN Jets, Cluster of Galaxies, Pulser Wind, etc.)
  • Magnetic Reconnections in Laboratory Experiments (Merging, Sawtooth, Relaxation, Heating, etc)

Program Committee
  • P. Bellan (Caltech)
  • J. Drake (U. Maryland)
  • M. Hesse (NASA)
  • S. Prager (U. Wisconsin-Madison)
  • M. Yamada (PPPL)

Time Schedule (preliminary)
3 March
  • 8:00 opening
  • 8:30 oral sessions (SOLAR 1, SIM/THEORY 1)
  • 12:20 lunch
  • 13:30 oral sessions (LAB 1, ASTRO 1)
  • 17:00 poster session 1
4 March
  • 8:00 oral sessions (SIM/THEORY 2, LAB 2)
  • 12:10 lunch
  • 13:30 oral sessions (SPACE 1, SPACE 2)
  • 16:40 poster session
  • 18:00 conference banquet
5 March
  • 8:00 oral sessions (ASTRO 2, SOLAR 2)
  • 12:10 lunch
  • 13:30 excursion tour
6 March
  • 8:00 oral sessions (SIM/THEORY 3)
  • 10:10 panel discussion
  • 11:10 future plan
  • 11:30 closing

Meeting Site
The meeting site/hotel is "Okinawa Zampamisaki Royal Hotel", which locates in a coastal resort area of Okinawa island.

A LCD projector will be available in the meeting room.

The easiest way to the hotel is to use an airport limousine bus from NAHA international airport. It takes about 90 minutes ride to the hotel. Reservation for the bus is not wanted, but you are requested to buy the bus ticket before boarding. One way bus fare is 1140 yen, and the bus ticket is available at the limousine bus information desk (photo), which locates in front of the tourist information center on the 1st floor of NAHA international airport. Photo of the bus stop is here.

Regular shuttle bus timetable is as follows:

[To hotel]
Naha airport 12:30 14:40 15:50
Zampamisaki Hotel 13:55 16:10 17:20

[To airport]
Zampamisaki Hotel 9:00 11:00
Naha airport 10:50 12:50

Extra transportations will be available on March 2 (from the airport to our hotel) and March 6 (from our hotel to the airport). Please contact the workshop organizer for reservation

[To hotel on March 2]
Naha airport 22:00
Zampamisaki Hotel 23:30

[To airport on March 6]
Zampamisaki Hotel 12:00
Naha airport 13:30

Alternative transportation is by a rental car. Free parking is available on site. Driving directions are here.

Registration fee is 30,000 yen (15,000 yen for students).
The registration fee will cover conference hall rental, excursion tour, conference banquet, handouts and refreshments.

The conference banquet and excursion tour are scheduled on Tuesday evening (4 March) and Wednesday afternoon (5 March).

In order to register, please fill out the registration form and fax it to Michiaki Inomoto (+81-6-6879-7916) by January 10, 2008.
An confirming e-mail will be sent in a couple of days after the receipt of the fax.

Registration 30,000 yen
Registration (student) 15,000 yen

Hotel Reservation
Charges of the conference hotel (Okinawa Zampamisaki Royal Hotel) is as follows;

Room charge: (conference rate including breakfast and dinner, tax and sevice charge).

Single room 20,000 yen/person
Twin room 14,000 yen/person
Triple room 12,000 yen/person

Please use the registration form for the hotel reservation.
Cancellations must be made by the day before 31 January, otherwise cancel fee will be charged.

Abstracts must be received by 8 February, 2008. The abstract should be one page
(A4 or US Letter size), single-spaced, 12-point times-roman font.
Electronic transmission in pdf format is strongly preferred.
A sample Microsoft Word file is here.

Please send your abstract as an attachment of e-mail to

Deadlines and Important Dates
Registration/hotel reservation 10 January, 2008

Abstract submission 8 February, 2008


Contact Address
Michiaki Inomoto
CAMT, Grad. Sch of Engineering
Osaka University


Okinawa Introduction
Okinawa has a sub-tropical climate boasting plants and flowers all year round. Coral reefs, emerald seas and sunny skies attract sea and sun-bathers. Okinawa also abounds in sites of histrical interest. Since there was an independent kingdom of Ryukyu, which was annexed by Japan in 1879, the cultural heritage and traditional arts in Okinawa differ markedly from that found in mainland Japan.